New ways to create social change

In order to take my work about creating social change to the next step, I cooperate with Mr. Hiremath from Flexitron, who’s also a part of my hotdog dreamers in The Worlds most travelled Hotdog stand

Down below are a few examples

Solar driven phone charger

The video shows an example of my effort to create social change. Without electricity it’s difficult for the people of the Kalahari Desert to charge their phones. Therefore I decided to find a solution to the problem along with social entrepreneur Mr. Hiremath from India. The invention can be used all over the world in places lacking electricity

The next step is distribution and we will make a test in cooperation with Aunt Koera from the Kalihari Desert.

“At vove er at miste fodfæstet for en stund
ikke at vove er at miste livet for altid!”

Søren Kierkegaard