Through my experience in project management, management, social entrepreneurship and CSR, I can step in as a consultant in your company.

Process management

Change management, facilitation, workshops with systemic approach.

The desired outcome and purpose of the process are clarified through dialogue and based on your needs.

With this as a base I design the framework in order to reach the desired outcome and your employees will contribute with the content as you are the experts in your own company and culture.

The process can last ½ day, several days collectively or spread over several months

I have about 20 years of experience in the field and I use elements of process thinking in my daily work

In a period of 10 years I was a supervisor and examiner in process leadership at the Kaospilots

Other Example.
I was the process leader of a cultural changing process at a department of approximately 250 people in Aalborg Hospital during a couple of years

If you follow the active link, you can read a recommendation of my work from the Kaospilots.

Project management

I can step in as project manager in an external project for a limited period of a working week less than 20 hours.

Since 2016 I’ve been responsible of a module in project management at the Coordinating Youth Education in Aarhus

With The Worlds most travelled Hotdog stand I have completed 1-2 yearly travels since 2003 supporting and inspiring social change to neglected kids.

In 2004 I created the concept for Ebelfestival in Ebeltoft and I was project manager the first year

In 2009 I was project manager for Aarhus Municipality Children & Youths’ activities in Aarhus Festuge


If you request sparring in the fields of project management, entrepreneurship, concept development, social entrepreneurship and CSR this is offered on time basis.

With The Worlds most travelled Hotdog stand I’ve had 20-35 CSR-partners since 2003 and because of this I’ve gained a solid experience with CSR and activation of this.

I am affiliated to Væksthus Midtylland and have so far advised four companies in their request to start-up and grow.

  • Expectation clarification
  • Value clarification
  • Vision clarification
  • Internal development through interviews
  • Teambuilding
  • Structuring
  • Strategy development
  • Assignment prioritising
  • Team culture
  • Creative culture and creative development
  • Coaching
  • Idea development
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Lectures and teaching in social entrepreneurship and project leadership 
  • Grundfos
  • Tulip, management group
  • Aarhus Hospital, miscellaneous departments
  • Prehospital Middle Region
  • Aalborg Hospital, Biochemical department
  • Opgang2 Livsteater
  • Sony BMG
  • Frederiksberg Municipality
  • Red Cross
  • The Kaospilots: Supervisor and examiner in process leadership, 2006, 2007 and 2009-2017
  • The Kaospilots: Various processes and time limited team manager with focus on team-, group- and individual learning process
  • Ideel Commercial and marketing
  • Practical experience through project management of Ebelfestival in Ebeltoft, The Worlds most travelled Hotdog stand and Children and Youths in Aarhus Festuge ect
  • The Kaospilots: Teaching in social entrepreneurship
  • CBS: Teaching in social entrepreneurship
  • World50
  • Hald Ege boarding school: Teaching project leadership 
  • KUU (Youth education): Teaching project leadership 
  • VIA Viborg:  Teaching in social entrepreneurship
  • University of Copenhagen:  Teaching in social entrepreneurship